Thursday, September 29, 2011

Messy Day!

This week's Star Scientist, Kendra Chaffin, led us in a messy science experiment today...WE LOVED IT! She she showed us how fluids have a viscosity (thickness or resistance to flow in a fluid). When we stuck our hand in the Non-Newtonian Fluid our hands seemed to stick to it, but when we pulled our hand out, it "oozed out like slimmy boogers" (quote taken from Cameran Ball).

In the afternoon, Team Schappelkins decided to make a trip over to the wetlands...FINALLY! Although it was a long hike and a bit muddy, we were able to find a few creatures that caught our attention!

Soon we will be able to use the yurt for our classroom instruction. We weren't able to go in yet, we were excited to see it!

I have a very curious mom who did some research and found out that we saw a White Lined Sphinx Moth...Thanks Melody! :)

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