Sunday, September 4, 2011

Plethora of Pics!

It's taken me quite a while to get my classroom set up this year, but I think it's ready for the kiddos on Tuesday! Here's a sneak peek!
These black crates from Target are a perfect fit under my whiteboard (and SmartBoard) for grouped books and my kiddos' book boxes. They are sturdy and lock together...I'm a big fan.
It took me a while to figure out the arrangement of my students desks, but I think I got it. They are pretty neat in the fact that they stack on top of each other and have wheels. Perfect for making a working space in the classroom.

Organized reading materials. Melts my heart.
My room lacks usable wall space. I linked three chains from one end of the window to the other to create the space I needed!
Whole-group meeting area. 
Close-up of our calendar area.
My students' cubbies are labeled with large binder clips. (Great idea I stole from my secretary). I used my label-maker to write first names. They can be easily removed and they don't damage the cubbies! I also keep my grouped bins of books in student cubbies. I purchased luggage tags from Container Store and they've held up! 
This is the other side of my easel and math cart. I love them because I can use both sides and move them out of the way since they are on wheels. 
Tilt your head to the left! This is the side of my math cart. I have a small peg board that I made. It will house each kids' "Learning Ring" for the year. (I'll share this later)!
Keep your head tilted. This idea has been floating around Pinterst...but I promise I've used this for years! It's a painters bucket that is filled with reading pointers and phonemic awareness "goodies" that I use daily.
Each year I create a new box of books. After helping my mom clean out her basement, I decided to make a small collection of books that I had when I was a baby. The box isn't labeled yet, but I'm pretty sure my kids will enjoy it.

Now all I need...25 kids. Will meet them on Tuesday, the first day of school. So excited.

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Amy said...

I have a dozen of those flowers and didn't know what to do with them. I never thought to use them as reading pointers. What a great idea! Thanks! Now I must dig them out of my closet!

Suzie H said...

Where did you find the green numbers chart? That is something I absolutely need!
I found your blog through Pinterest, and I am so glad I did! Thanks for sharing!

Katie and Steve said...

Ummm...I've had that pocket chart for so long I don't remember where I got it! I know that Lakesore has them...but in blue!

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