Tuesday, June 26, 2012

(Long Vowel) Guess Who? Game

It's taken us a few weeks to finish this {free} download...but we hope you'll find it worth the wait! 

If you liked playing with Lite-Brite...

Or perhaps you remember playing this in school...right?

Or Katie's personal fav...
Then you'll love our new twist to Guess Who! And yes, this is Katie's old skool version!
Long Vowel Guess Who Template
If she was smart, Katie would've taken a picture of her kids actually playing this game when school was in session, but she didn't...So you'll have to take a peek at the FREE DOWNLOAD! There are four different long vowel version of this game (Long A, E, I, & O). We left out Long U because there weren't enough vowel combinations for this sound to make this game work!
Long Vowel Guess Who Template...It's Free!
The game is set up just like the regular Guess Who? with the exception that the cards contain words, not faces. To play, opponents will ask questions like, "Does your word have 'ay' making the Long A sound?" or "Does your word contain the sound /s/?" The first player to have one flip-frame left & correctly guess their opponents "Mystery Word" is the winner! 

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm Sorry...

I know, I know! You are probably thinking something along the lines of...

It's been a LONG time since I've posted. I could whip up a list of a bazillion reasons why I've disappeared, but I'll save you time...I hope this cute kitten will make up for my slacking.

Please take this as my sincere apology for a month of nothing. I promise you, Steve and I have been back to work this summer working on the website...and just to prove it to you, here's a pic of him cluttering up my desk.

I finished up the 2011-2012 school year with some {good} news that next year I'll be leaving the classroom and sliding in to a K-2 Reading Intervention position. I'm pretty super-pumped about it...minus the fact that I have about 200 boxes of math manipulatives that I need to find a home for...I figured I throw some downloads at you this summer, seeing is how I'm not sure I'm going to have many in the upcoming school year.

Here's one that my kids always love (and I'm not really sure why?)...I printed a few sets of Domino Sorting Mats on different colored card stock so they could sort dominoes by their odd and even numbers. For struggling mathematicians, it's helpful to have them refer to anchor charts in the classroom!  

Even & Odd Domino Sort Freebie
I'll be back later this week with more! Bible.