Monday, September 5, 2011

Look Book & Reminder Binder

I've been using "The Look Book" & "Reminder Binder" for my classroom management for the past five years and I love it. (My building is actually going to be implementing this school-wide so there is consistency). I prefer not to have my management system hanging in my room because it (1) takes up precious wall space, (2) I want special area teachers to be able to use my same system when my kids are not with me, and (3) I don't want visitors to be able to walk in my room and see the kids that might be having problems that day!

"The Look Book" is for positive reinforcement and "The Reminder Binder" is used when kids are not making appropriate choices. Each has 4 steps (you can add more or take away steps as you like). My steps for each are listed below:  

The Look Book 
(1) Makes Miss Appel Smile!
(2) Add Marble to Jar (Jar is shared with other 1st Graders)
(3) Send a Note Home
(4) Take a Note the Principal

The Reminder Binder
(1) Verbal Warning
(2) Time Out
(3) Note or Phone Call Home
(4) Trip to the Office

I print off a sheet (Miss Appel's Look Book & Reminder Binder Sheets) for each school day and keep it in a binder (pictured below). It's nice to be able to have a paper trail of student behavior that can be used for Parent Conferences and RtI Meetings! I also have "special notes" that students use when they sign "The Look Book" 3 & 4 times, as well as a note for "The Reminder Binder". Click here to see my Look Book and Reminder Binder Notes!

I'm always looking for ways to improve "The Look Book" and "Reminder Binder". If you have any ideas, please share them!  :)

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Mrs. Marianne Patterson said...

I decided to create a sheet for each child. I bought number binder dividers so the children can find their page quickly. When they sign the book, they peel out a sticker that says "I signed the look book today" or "Please ask me about my day" for the Reminder Binder.

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