Sunday, October 2, 2011

Class Syllable Tally

Don't you hate it when you know you have something you want to use and you just can't find it???? That seems to be how my Sunday has played out!  I searched high and low for this document (well, I actually looked on my computer for about five minutes) and decided it would just be easier to recreate it. 

This is the perfect phonemic awareness activity for the beginning of the year...while we are also learning how to make tally marks. Just write the names of your students under "classmates" and copy for each kid. They read the names and color in a face for each syllable in that classmates' name. Then they make a tally to represent the syllables. (Sometimes I like to mix it up and use last names!)
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Now that I think about it, I have the original version of this on my website! If you'd like the old school version click here! Enjoy.

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Tammy said...

Thanks for this. I like to work on syllabication with their names too. Any time we can merge learning with their names, we're better off. :) (Thanks for letting me follow your blog too.)

❀ Tammy
Forever in First

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