Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Hodge-Podge

We had a busy day today...Our Star Scientist, Cameran Ball placed special beads in water which changed throughout the school day. (They turned into gooey marbles). First graders wondered if the same thing would happen to regular marbles, bouncy balls, and erasers. We placed these items in cups and will see what happens when we return tomorrow morning! 

In the afternoon, after an intense "Team Schappelkins' Games" relay race, we went on our first Nature Walk! Mrs. Jenkins led the way! Although we weren't able to go to the wetlands, we managed to trudge through puddles of mud while observing the sounds and smells of our Summit Campus. We even ran into Mr. Hardy who was kind enough to supply us with some hand-sanitizer at the end of our journey. 

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