Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st Quarter High Frequency Words

Over the next few weeks we will be learning new games and activities to practice our weekly high frequency words. You'll notice that the 1st Grade words are grouped by sound. I will be sending a letter with more detail about our First Grade Sound Focus soon! I wanted to post these activities on the blog because the files sizes in some are too big to send over e-mail!

My Great Word Race

For this activity, you will need a dice and a game mat (printed sheet from the above attachment). Make sure there are six words written on the sheet. If there are blanks, come up with your own words! One person rolls the dice, reads the number, and reads the word that corresponds with that number. The other person must spell that word correctly. If they are able to spell the word, they get to color the box beside that word on their own game mat. Players take turns repeating those steps until one player has filled up an entire row of boxes for one word. That player is the winner!

Phonemic Awareness

Help students learn the difference between letters, sounds, and syllables with this phonemic awareness activity. Students count the letters in each word (working on one-to-one correspondence) and count the sounds in each word. This helps children visualize that some words might have a lot of letters, but not a lot of sounds and vice versa. (Great tool when we move to teaching the advanced code!) 

Rainbow Words (Large) and Rainbow Words (Small)

Students can use crayons or colored pencils to trace the words with various colors to create a "rainbow word". Many teaching stores have specially made rainbow crayons that also work for this activity...I purchased large plastic crayons (piggy banks) at a dollar store that will be kept at the writing center for kids to "trace" the large rainbow words.

Rotten "Appel" Game

The directions for this activity are on the first page of this pdf. This game is usually a favorite and becomes increasingly more challenging when new words are added!

The Value of Words

This is an activity that we will begin in a few weeks. Students use the code to find the value of each letter in the word. Once all of the coins are determined, the students adds up the coins to figure out the value of each word!

To other teachers out there...What other activities do you use to help students with high frequency words? I love hearing new ideas! 

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