Friday, February 1, 2013

Student Accommodations Checklist

Yes, it's Friday night and I'm sitting on my computer working on school stuff...which, after this L...O...N...G school week, it's a miracle I'm even able to sit up...let alone be able to type. I guess I just love you all that much (coupled by the fact I haven't blogged much here in the past few months). Either way, I hope you'll find this freebie beneficial!

A few days ago I was sitting in a RTI meeting with my colleagues and realized how many accommodations they make for their students...I wondered how many of those accommodations aren't reported to the next year's teacher AND how many times parents don't really see that we are doing what we can for their child.

I grabbed a 504 checklist and asked a couple of my peers (who I will discretely refer to as Batalie Nall and Jegan Menkins) for help. And you'll find the final product below! I realize it's not an exhaustive list, but should cover the basics. Now you'll have something to show parents and teachers for all the hard work you do.
Click and Download!
If you download and use this template, let me know what you think..I'd be happy to make any additions and modifications!

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Cathleen said...

I' working on an inservice presentation and one item we'll be coving is documentation of what teachers have tried during the RTI process. These will be good suggestions and tools for them to use. Thanks Cathleen

Kate said...

What a great resource, Katie! Thank you for sharing this!

EduKate and Inspire

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! This will be especially helpful when students move from building to building because the information will move with them :)

AMY said...

Thank you!

Katie and Steve said...

You are welcome!

Megan Ashleigh said...

I found this and have used it several times this last year! It really has helped with creating new 504 plans for some third graders that especially needed it. It helped me organize my thoughts when asked for all of the things I had done to accommodate for said students. Thank you for an incredibly useful document!

Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

This is wonderful- thank you so much for sharing!

3rd Grade Thoughts

Jennifer said...

I am an ESOL teacher who has been looking for ways for the mainstream teacher to document accommodations they are providing for their students. I love this checklist and was wondering if I might be able to add and delete some accommodations based on what we use with our ESOL students?

Life As I Know It... said...

Just found this on Pinterest! Thank you!

Life As I Know It

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