Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Classroom Behavior Observation

Part of my role as the RtI Coordinator is making behavioral observations on specific students. If I had a nickel for each student I've observed in the past few weeks...I'd have at least $2. My school's instructional coach gave me a form to use (which was very helpful to get started) but decided I needed to tweak it! Mainly because I needed more space to write down additional comments...
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It looks pretty complex, but it's actually quite simple...and quick! 

When I went in the classroom to observe, I had the teacher select a "comparison student" that I'd also monitor. The "comparison student" and "referring student" received a (+) if they were on-task and a (-) if they were off-task for each 30 second increment. (I used the "Stopwatch" on my iPhone to keep track of the time). I placed X's in the appropriate boxes to denote the problematic behaviors of the "referring student". At the end of 15 minutes, I'd count how many off-task behaviors each student received and placed it in the "Totals" boxes at the bottom of the page. 

It's really an effective tool for parents to see during RtI meetings and parent conferences! If you have any other observational forms you use, please send them my way!

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Lee Ann said...

How wonderful that you are a RTI coordinator. Our district doesn't have anyone like that. I so wish we did. What exactly does your job entail? Grade levels meet with our principal once every other month to discuss if students have shown progress in the classroom and on progress monitoring. That's about it for our RTI.

Katie and Steve said...

Hi Lee Ann,

My job description this year is Reading Intervention and RtI Coordinator...I'm playing the part of a couple people! Each grade-level has a monthly scheduled meeting where we talk about Tier 2 kids. When Tier 3 meetings take place, it's my job to set up the meeting, print the data, and record it on a spreadsheet...Many kids this year have had attention issues, so I've done many classroom observations for documentation and data! (Many of these kids are ones that I also pull for reading intervention).


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