Monday, February 4, 2013

HELP for Reading Fluency

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a nice little intervention for Reading Fluency and Progress Monitoring, called HELPS. Once you have created a FREE account (all you need is your e-mail and a password) you instantly have access to 100 FREE fluency passages available for download. The passages are quite nice.  
To download the passages(did I mention they are FREE?)after you've created an account, go to the HELPS home page HERE and click the materials tab. There you can download the entire curriculum, fluency passages and teacher manual. They even have a training manual and training videos. This program is a nice little resource and the price is right!

Hope this post helps some of you stumble upon the HELPS site yourself.   

If you are looking for more ideas for improving Reading Fluency be sure to check out our Reading Fluency and Reading Fluency Activities pages at our website

Update: I used the passages today for repeated reading with my 3rd and 4th grade intervention students and they worked great.  So even if you do not use the entire HELPS program, setting up an account is certainly worth the access to extra instructional materials. 

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