Monday, July 9, 2012

READ-O...Updated Version!

Do you remember this READ-O????
Steve and I've had such a huge response...and we heart you so much, we've made a READ-O for the school year! 

READO-O can be used in a variety of ways to keep your students practicing important skills at home during each month of the school year. READ-O is especially useful for helping parents practice important literacy skills with children and offers a fun effective way to keep kids engaged in academic activities...especially during winter, spring, and summer breaks! We've scaffolded the ELA Common Core month by month in a black and white template, easy for printing for each of your students!
  • August/September: Reading Foundation & Reading Literature
  • October: Reading Foundation, Reading Literature, & Language
  • NovemberReading Foundation, Reading Literature, & Language
  • December: Reading Foundation, Language, & Speaking and Listening
  • January: Reading Foundation, Reading Informational Text, & Language
  • February: Reading Foundation, Language, & Writing
  • March: Reading Informational Text, Language, & Writing
  • April: Reading Literature, Language, & Writing
  • May/June: Reading Literature, Language, & Writing
Our TpT Store
Head on over to our TpT Store to download a free sample and purchase our year long READ-O! Please leave us some feedback and let us know what you think! 

13 Shout-Outs:

Miss Trayers said...

I love this idea! What a great way to get parents involved in developing reading skills in a fun way! Looking forward to reading your blog-glad I discovered you! :)


Katie and Steve said...

Thank you! Glad you found us!

sarah nicole said...

Hi Katie and Steve,

I loved READO so much that I have adapted it for my middle school students! I would like to post it on Teachers Pay Teachers (for free) - crediting you and linking back to your blog, of course. Would this be okay? If it isn't, I understand. Just shoot me a quick email at sarnhunt(at) if you'd rather me not post it. Thank you! Such a wonderful idea!


Katie and Steve said...

Thanks, Sarah! Check your e-mail! :)

luckeyfrog said...

Thanks for sharing! I like this idea :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

T family said...

Anyway you would do this for MATHO?? PLEASE :)
I just love it!!

Katie and Steve said...

Good idea! I'll start working on it!

Bryn said...

Yes please for Math :-)

Melodee said...

love your blog! following you here and on Pinterest now:)

Jessica Lindsey said...

So inspired I'm going to make one for my fifth grade class! May need to buy yours for ideas if that's okay. Some of yours will be great for my kids and some are too young.

Kathryn Warren said...

How much would it cost for you to create a set of these for the upper elementary grades? ( : Name your price! These are wonderful, and I'd love to use them with my 4th graders!

hwaldr said...

Just wondering if you have these available for upper elementary?? :)

Katie and Steve said...

Not, yet! But working on them! :)

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