Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bead Slides and CVC Word Cards

So I have the stormy weather and a new blog to thank for the arts and crafts mess I've created on my bedroom floor. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new blog (that I heart) and eyed a phonemic awareness idea I wish I would have thought of myself! Julie over at Make, Take, & Teach has created a "bead slide" to teach phoneme segmentation. Genius. She even has a video demonstration and a word should probably head over and check it out. 
I found this inexpensive beads and ribbon at Jo Ann's & will be able to have a class set of bead slides! 
A teaching buddy of mine has been working with a kid who has been reversing the first and last letters in words and I got an idea...Hopefully it will also be a tool I can use with my kindergarten students this coming school year and hopefully you will find it useful too!

Using the green, yellow, and red traffic light idea, we've created color-coded CVC words to help early literacy learners decode words using the appropriate left-to-right concepts of print. There are corresponding black-and-white copies that can be printed on the back of the colored words to help them generalize their improved decoding skills to fluent reading without the controlled colored supports.
Free Download at TpT!
Leave us some love if you download the Free "Traffic Light CVC Word" Template at TpT!

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