Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Meet Up

I woke up this morning and immediately thought about what I was going to write in this post...but I noticed that Amanda already beat me to it! Amanda's blog was one of the first blogs I began to follow...And one of the reasons why we started one...So it might explain why I felt like I was back in 2nd Grade waiting for the New Kids on the Block to take stage at the Ohio State Fair when I saw my name on her blog! (Yes, I did scan the cover of my cassette tape for this pic!)

You see, we had a mini Ohio meet-up yesterday (which was also my very first blogger get-together) and spent the afternoon with Kim from The Teacher LaneSarah from Sweet Times in 2nd Grade, and Amanda (who doesn't have a blog, but was in awe of all the technology she incorporates into her kindergarten classroom). I was apprehensive at first, but after 3 hours of talking I feel like I now have 4 new friends and some more blogs to stalk! (I stole this picture from Amanda).

Perhaps now I will go to the meet up this coming weekend in Cincinnati?

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Ms. Rachel said...

looks like fun!!!

YearntoLearn said...

Fun times!

Yearn to Learn Blog

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it too, and I am thinking twice about heading to Cincinnati. It just seems so far, but I'm sure it would be an amazing time!

Amanda said...

Bahahahahaha! The NKOTB reference totally cracked me up... but seriously... YOU are the rockstar! :) Come! Come! Come! We will have so much fun! I'm going down Friday night to get a hotel room so I don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn... because if I do... everyone will hate me. I am so not a morning person, and I would have to wake up way too early for that four hour drive if I leave Saturday. Let me know if you're going... email me! If you go, I'll give you my number so we can make sure we get there around the same time. You can be my security blanket! :) Kim.... you too!

Ms. Chrissy B said...

I'm your newest follower! Glad I found you.

Buzzing with Ms. B

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