Monday, January 30, 2012

Word Detective Monkeys: Long Vowels

Last week I made a "Long A Search" for my first graders (again, I forgot to take pictures of them) and they loved it! 

We spend quite a bit of time learning the various letter combinations for the short and long vowel sounds. I wanted to mix things up a little so I posted Long A words around our classroom & school. They had to determine the letter combinations (a-e, ai, a, ei, eight, & ey) and write it on their "Word Detective Monkey" answer sheet.

We've posted a FREE DOWNLOAD for the "Long U" on TpT. There are 3-4 words for each vowel combination. We've also added Long A, Long E, Long I, and Long O  

On Friday, all of the first graders at my school took a mini field trip over to the high school in search of Long A words. (Luckily most of the rooms we invaded were parents of students in my classroom!) Here's a pic of 75 students invading Mrs. Ladowitz's science class! 

Since my kids have been learning about nouns, I made it a little more tricky for them by having them place the words into the category of person, place, or thing. Here is the FREEBIE if you'd like it for your classroom! 
Long A Sound Search FREEBIE!
Please leave us a comment on TpT if you download our Long U Freebie...Let us know what you think! :)

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