Monday, November 21, 2011

Pulling Out Our Rain Boots...

My day went something like this:

Kiddo: Miss A when do we get to see our high school buddies?
Me: Today in the afternoon.
Kiddo: Right after lunch?
Me: No, at 2:15.
Kiddo: Before Health and Wellness?
Me: After it.
Kiddo: How many more hours is it?
Me: 7 hours, now eat your breakfast.

My kiddos were seriously excited about seeing their high school buddies for the 2nd time today! They asked all day long when it was buddy time! Last week they constructed bird feeders that we placed around the school campus. Here are some pics, luckily the rain held out...but it was still a bit muddy!

So I'm not going to quit my day job to be a photographer...

Once we got back into our room, the questions started over again! "Miss A when do we get to see our buddies again?" 

(Thank you Mrs. Laddy for a great Monday afternoon!)

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