Friday, November 18, 2011

Short Vowel Speed Racer

Diane and Kelly over at Made for First Grade have created a "Home-School Connection Lightning Words" for weekly sight words that parents can use to help their child with (word) fluency.

I've had my eye on this idea for a while now and finally created a template for my kiddos who are still working on basic code (CVC, CVCC, and CCVC) words. (Diane and Kelly so graciously gave me permission to add my template to my blog). If you haven't seen their blog...You should probably head over there!
Made for First Grade
Here is my "Speed Word Racer" version for short vowel words. I tried it today with a reading group...It was a big hit! I had them read the words for 20 seconds. When the time was up they counted how many words they were able to read and wrote the number on "Lap 1". I had them start over at the beginning and gave them 20 seconds again. After each lap, the kids realized they were able to read more words!
Download Here!
When I sent this document to Steve he said that I tried to one-up his "Beat the Clock" template. I am hoping that he will read this post and decide to share his template with the rest of us!

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Steve said...


I cannot share my Beat The Clock (although it is the "original speed word racer") because I do not have fun little graphics on mine and our followers would "booo" me.

The 'business department' is not as creative as our people in the design department.

Kristen said...

Hi Katie! I really love this version of the speed racer!! It is something I would definitely use with my ELL students. And Steve, I would use a document without graphics too!!

Katie and Steve said...

Steve. now you have to share!

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