Friday, August 26, 2011

Star Scientist: Miss A

Each week, one student from my room will be the "Star Scientist" and will get to do a variety of special things.

Monday: Share Photo Album
Tuesday: Lunch with Team Schappelkins
Wednesday: Read Aloud to the Class
Thursday: Share Science Experiment
Friday: Lead "Brain Boost" with Miss A

At the end of the week the Star Scientist will be responsible for sharing pictures and videos that will be posted on this blog.  I have posted the Start Scientist Schedule for 2011-2012 below so that you may get started planning in advance!  If you have any questions or need some help, don't hesitate to ask me! 

Miss A in First Grade

This is me when I was in first grade.  I went to Longfellow Magnet School in Westerville, Ohio.  My teacher's name was Mrs. Fedderson and she always read us stories with really good expression.  (I'll teach you how to do that too!)  

My friends really didn't ever call me Katie.  I was always referred to as "Little Apple".  My older brother's friends started that!  I was really upset with my mom on picture day because she wouldn't let me crimp my hair and she made me wear this ugly, itchy dress!  Typically, you'd see me wearing my New Kids on the Block t-shirt, hot pink shorts, and indoor soccer shoes.

Growing up, I was very close to my brother, Mark.  We were best friends and did everything together.  Each year we would plan our Halloween costumes together.  In first grade, I was a cowgirl...Even our Cabbage Patch Kids (on our backs) had costumes!  My mom made them and unlike my dress, it wasn't itchy!  (Please notice my purple suede boots...They were pretty fantastic!)

I got my red bike when I was in first grade.  It had been passed down from my older cousins.  It took me a while to learn how to ride it without training wheels, but once I learned, I never wanted to get off of it!  Mark and I would have races in our driveway to see who was the fastest...I always won!  Mark and I also had a Dukes of Hazzard car (on the left) that we still have to this day...Problem is that I don't fit in it anymore!

This is a picture of my family at our cottage at Christmas.  I think we can all agree that I was the cutest!  

That's all for Miss Appel...I can't wait to learn about you and your families this year.  Have fun being Star Scientist and be creative with it!    

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