Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poetry Anthologies

Each year students are given a Poetry Anthology to keep all of their poems, songs, chants, and rhymes that are learned in the classroom. Each week I pick 1-2 poems to have them keep in their notebooks. I've always used a spiral notebook for these and have my kids cut, glue, and illustrate. (Another teacher I work with has her students keep their poems in a binder). Poetry Anthologies are sent home every Thursday night for students to practice at home with their families and are returned to school on Friday.  (They are also really great for students to read during centers!)

Poetry Anthology

As the year progresses, I will upload the poems that my kids are using to share with you! Below you will find the template for the note that goes inside of the notebook (for parents) and a cover sheet if you choose to use a binder! Enjoy.

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