Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Progress!

I forgot how tiring it was to completely unpack all of your school stuff! (You'd think I'd be a pro at it considering this is my 6th room in 8 years!) I've gotten quite a bit done in the past few days...but no where near being finished. This is actually the most challenging room because there really is NO STORAGE! It's really giving my organizational skills a test! Plus, there is still quite a bit of furniture that hasn't arrived yet... 

This is a little glimpse of my reading nook.
See the three cabinets on the left? That's all the built-ins that are in this room! Pretty sure this room was designed by a man...who's NOT an educator!
One of the coolest features about my room is that it has a Nano Wall. I can open it up and my kids can wheel stuff out into the hallway to work!
Thankfully 3 of my wheely carts fit under the sink! (They need new labels though!) I purchased the shelf so I could have a place for all of my other stuff. I am planning on connecting a chain from one corner to the other so that my kids can clip posters (that are in the white container) to read!
I do a lot of my teaching from my easel. I have about four boxes full of stuff in the middle of it...I purchased some cheap containers from Ikea (hanging on the front) that I'm excited about. 
I'm pretty pumped about my new black cubes from Target. They interlock together and are sturdy enough to hold some of my book bins & down below will be were my kiddos keep their own book boxes!

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