Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Room

So somehow I managed to get myself into another project! (That typically happens when I'm around Steve during the summer). He's been working on setting up a book room for a school in our district and asked for my help organizing it. Don't get me wrong, I love to organize...But this is a huge undertaking!  

This is what I walked into...

This school is very fortunate to have a classroom available for a book room. Most schools have a small closet, if any! Steve ordered bookshelves, hundreds of book bins, and...


Did I mention that teachers have donated their own books to the room too?

That's Steve pretending to work!  Only kidding. 

We decided to group the bins by color so that teachers could easily distinguish between each different reading level.  Sorting the bins by color and moving them around took quite a bit of time! That's about all we accomplished on Day One.  

We are going to be placing leveled books in plastic bags.  On the outside of each bag will be a sticker that has the reading level, the title of the book, and the number of copies.  Use Avery 8163 labels for this template!  On the outside of each book we will also place a sticker that tells what level the book is...Use Avery 5176 labels for this template.  

We'll keep adding the progress of this room. Keep checking back!

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Kimberly said...

Thanks for linking up! Your book room looks great! I've set up book rooms in 2 buildings and I know it is a ton of work... but so worth it. I am a new follower. We also have lots in common. I am a teacher/SLP and worked as a literacy intervention specialist in the past. I'm also originally from Ohio. Looking forward to following your blog!
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delano.ftlod said...

About to tackle this task for my children's Elementary school... can you tell me where you bought the multi-colored magazine holders/book bins, approx cost and how they've held up over time?

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