Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take-Home Books

It's been a couple years since I taught first grade and this coming school year I get to go back! I am very excited to be working with kids at the early stages of reading and writing. One way I like to encourage writing at home is to provide many "take-home" bags. I've spent some time the past few days revising some of them with new fonts and graphics! (Browsing through blogs lately has encouraged me to ditch my typical Word fonts & graphics and purchase new ones...I'm kinda obsessed!) I use one-inch binders with a clear cover and add the pages in as they are needed. I'll add more of my take-home books later, but here are a few that I've finished. Click on the links below to download! Enjoy.
The Boo-Boo Book
The Tooth Fairy Journal
The Birthday Book

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