Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bunny Whisker Engineering

Each month I try to have some type of engineering/following the directions activity for my reading intervention kids. Translation: Trying to get kids to focus before a long break is impossible.

I found this pic on Pinterest and had most of the materials needed...So I thought I'd be perfect for my K-2 students. 

I created a following the directions passage that K-2 students will be able to read.

I am just going to have my kindergarteners read the passage and create the whiskers, but my firsties will read the passage and have to list the steps in sequential order from the second page of the PDF. (This skill was something that most of them had difficulty on during an assessment last week).

For my second graders, who are LOVING learning about parts of speech by doing Mad-Libs...I created a short story for them to practice with a partner.

I'm sure most of you are already on spring break right now, but if you're like me...You might need something to keep their attention towards the end of the week. I'll snap some pics and try to get them up here. For now, you can download this for FREE!

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