Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Math "Egg"stravaganza

So last year Team Schappel created a Math "Egg"stravaganza with second graders...It was such a big hit, we've decided to do it again with our first graders. (Unfortunately I didn't take any pics last year...Surprise, suprise!) So what is this "egg"stravaganza all about? We'll sit down if you're not already...and I'll tell you!

Last year we came up with three different activity pages, each of a varying level (grade-level, challenge, and super challenge) with six math questions on each. Before hand, we selected the page that each student would use for this egg hunt..you'll understand why in a bit!

Our fanastic parents donated the small plastic eggs, candy, and various trinkets...Once all of the eggs were stuffed, we wrote the answers to the problems on the outside of the eggs. Since we knew which questions the students were going to be completing, it was easy to know how many of each egg we needed! 

This year our first graders will be completing six problems, but instead of chosing between three different activity pages...We will be choosing between five activity pages! And because I love my readers so much {yes, I am talking about you} I'm posting them incase you'd like to use it yourself! There is a sample letter to the parents, five different math activity pages, and an answer key! I promise I will take some pictures this year... 

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Katie King said...

I LOVE this idea! Definitely stealing it! :)

Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Anonymous said...

Love it can't wait to try it out.

Anonymous said...

great! let me know if I can help! :) -Melody

Katie and Steve said...

Of course! :)

Delighted said...

What a fun activity for my firsties! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea.

First Grade Delight

Megan said...

We did your Math "EGG"stravaganza this year and my firsties LOVED it! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas!

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