Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Telling Time

Are you looking for a new way to help your kids learn how to tell time? Here's a (fun) way that you might not have tried before...I purchased telling time dice from Learning Resources a few years ago and finally found a great use for them! (And they were pretty cheap, too!)
The "hour" is red and the "minute" is blue. This is perfect because it coordinates with the teaching clocks that most teachers have in their classrooms!

Have the students first roll the red dice. Using the template below, have them write the hour under "red roll". (This will be written before the colon). Next, students will roll the blue dice and write the minutes after the colon in the "blue roll" column. Students will then write the time with the hour and the minutes combined...Then they will try to draw the hour hands on the clock.

What Time Is It? Download
I have a few of these printed on card stock and laminated so that my students can use these during center time. They love this telling time activity!

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YearntoLearn said...

You're on a roll with good ideas!

Yearn to Learn Blog

Doris Young said...

LOVE your blog! Thanks for all the freebies! We have sets of these telling time dice at school now I have a playing sheet to go with them. Thanks!
Doris @thirdgradethinkers8

Amanda said...

Hi! I am still interested in meeting up with some Ohio bloggy friends, and I am so sorry it took me MONTHS to get around to organizing something officially. I am in the Akron/Canton area, but I am trying to figure out if this is more central for people in the nether-regions of the state like Toledo, or if it is easier for everyone to get to Columbus. Email me and let me know how far you'd be willing to travel. I'd be willing to consider Columbus if it makes it easier for everyone. :)

Amanda {from One Extra Degree}

~DeAnne~ said...

We will be working on telling time soon. Thank you for the freebie. I've also nominated your blog. You can go here to see what it's about.

First Grade and Fabulous

Kevin Hammond said...

Just came across this on Google, still 2 years on and its the BEST telling time website I've found in an hour of searching. kudos.

andrea chiu said...

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