Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bingo Anyone????

For the past few years my family has ditched the traditional "Christmas Gift Exchange" for a (and this is what we actually call it) "Classy White Elephant Extravaganza". Each person spends $35 on a gift and in return, you receive a gift that you will never want to use. 

This year I was actually excited to open up some bungie cords, a flashlight to wear on my head, and a mini vacuum cleaner...All of which I planned on using in my classroom! 
Well, Uncle Terry came along and took my trinkets and I got stuck with an official bingo wheel! At the time I wasn't super excited about it, but today when I was waiting in line to have my car washed, an idea came to me!

It's not monumental, but I think my kiddos will enjoy it. Each player will spin the wheel and take two bingo numbers. They will add the sum on their "Bingo Math Addition Mat" (my kids are still learning how to write the numbers in the correct place-value columns, that's why you'll see the lines). Once each player has had the chance to do this, the person with the highest sum will color in a box on the "Bingo Math High Sums Graph". Of course, the person who gets to the top first, is the winner! 

If you use this in your classroom, let me know how it works out!

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YearntoLearn said...

I bet your class is going to love this idea.
I might have to get my hands on a bingo set.

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