Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Break the Code to Enter

I am always trying to find new ways to help my kiddos with high frequency words.  I got this idea when I was talking with a colleague of mine...I created a "Break the Code to Enter" poster that I hung on the outside of my classroom (right by the door).  When kids walk in the room, they have to "break the code" by hitting each one of the hands as they read the high frequency words.

I purchased handprints from Lakeshore Learning and taped them to the poster.  The handprints and "Break the Code to Enter" sign were taped to a poster board that I cut in half.  (Double-sided tape works best!)  I then laminated and cut out the poster.  Self-Adhesive Labeling Pockets were applied to the laminated poster, reading for my words to slide in and out.  Each week I will be able to change the words for my kids to hit!  

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