Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We're back...and we've finally FINISHED our Math-O for K-1! We had such a huge response with our Read-O that we are branching out to Math-O now.

Math-O can be used in a variety of ways to keep your students practicing important skills at home during each month of the school year. Math-O is especially useful for helping parents practice important math skills (aligned to Common Core) with children and offers a fun and effective way to keep kids engaged in academic activities...especially during winter, spring, and summer breaks! 

At the first of each month send home each month’s Math-O sheet, along with the accompanying graph. Challenge your students or children to complete as many of the boxes as they can. They can complete five in a row, more than five, or try and complete the entire page. Offer incentives as you feel appropriate in your classroom to keep students engaged in important mathematical skills outside of the classroom.

Want to see even more Math-O? Head on over to Katie's TpT Store and grab yourself a copy!

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