Friday, June 7, 2013

Organization Linky Party

I'm joining Ladybug's Teacher Files Organizational Linky Party this summer...It's been a while since I've joined one, but her's are usually the best! (I heart her labels).

I wish I had some monumental organizational pics to share with you, but I've packed up my classroom for the year and there's not too much to share with you. I was able to snap a few today that might be of interest...but I do promise that I will have some new book labels coming at you this summer, as my mom just retired and left me with more books than one person could ever need. Translation: I've been hitting up every Target store in the Columbus area to stock up on new bins and shelving!

Quite possibly one of the greatest purchases ever...So good, I now have two of them! I bought this one a while back at Sam's Club and have used it as an art cart, math cart...and now, as exciting as this may be...a DIBELS cart! I have a labeled bin for every teacher in the building so when I progress monitor/benchmark I can just take the bin with me...Or I can wheel the entire cart!

I'm also pretty excited about my new shelf that I just scored from my mom. It fits all of my boxes that I use to keep materials for each vowel sound. I know the labels aren't too jazzy right now, but that's on the list as a summer project. I purchased the colored bins at Costco (five for $18.99) and I heart them. As for the bins on the bottom shelf, I am going to use those to keep all of my important RTI docs...They too, need jazzy labels.

Nothing exciting with my next two pics, except for the fact that I cleaned out my cabinet and threw away things that I haven't touched in years...Which made room for all of my leveled fluency passages that I will be using throughout the year!

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